Queen of Pies & Puppies

Yesterday, Steve’s sister, Mary, called me Queen of Pies & Puppies. And I do make a killer Key Lime/Coconut Cream pie, which I made for Steve’s mom’s birthday. I made up this recipe when Steve couldn’t decide which was his favorite: Key Lime or Coconut Cream. Recipe below.

My puppies are in fact old, grumpy dogs, prone to barking at thunder and door knocks, but they go with me everywhere, including here, in Florida.

So it is: Queen of Pies & Puppies–I like it.

Lime Coco Pie

This is my first post on this blog, and it’s pretty benign. More to say, later. Just warming up with a recipe.

Susan’s Key Lime and Coconut Cream Pie with Bourbon Whipped Cream

(You Put The Lime in the Coconut…) 

1 extra deep dish pie crust (I’ve used several, but have found that Keebler’s extra deep dish graham cracker crust works the best. Not shown in photo.)

Key Lime Pie Ingredients:

One can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk

Juice of three limes and zest from one lime. Set one tablespoon of zest aside for topping pie later.

Two egg yolks

Blend all, including zest, and bake for 11 minutes at 320 degrees in deep dish pie crust. Crust should appear half full. Set aside.


Coconut Cream Filling Ingredients:

One cup sweetened coconut flakes

Three cups half and half

Two eggs, beaten

Three-fourths of a cup white sugar

Half cup all-purpose flour

Quarter teaspoon salt

One teaspoon vanilla

Spread coconut flakes on a foiled baking sheet, bake for five minutes at 350 degrees, or until at desired brownness. Set one-fourth of a cup of the flakes aside for topping pie later. Mix half and half, eggs, sugar, flour and salt in a medium sauce pan over medium heat, stirring CONSTANTLY. Bring to a boil, immediately lower temp to low, continue stirring for two more minutes. If you don’t stir it with a wisk the entire time it’s over heat, the bottom will burn. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Remove from heat, add vanilla and three-quarter cup of toasted coconut flakes and stir. Pour coconut cream filling over the lime pie base. Chill at least four hours, preferably overnight.


Bourbon Whipped Cream Topping

One-half pint heavy whipping cream

One-quarter cup white sugar

One tablespoon bourbon (or to taste. One tablespoon is very mild.)

Whip all ingredients with hand blender until smooth peaks. If it gets chunky, you’ve beaten it too much, so if it starts getting too stiff, stop! Spread over chilled pie. Top with lime zest and baked coconut flakes. Cut pie into 16 pieces. Remember: this is a DOUBLE PIE. A “normal-sized” pie slice is WAY too much.






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  1. You leave a trail of sweet-and-amazing everywhere you go.


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